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Published (August 15, 2022)

The Apartment 8 project was initiated by a real estate developer to create fully furnished apartments, and our objective was to craft a neutral, comfortable, and pleasant interior design that would appeal to a wide range of families.


With this in mind, we opted for a contemporary eclectic style, featuring light and bright shades, along with carefully chosen details, to achieve a spectacular and comfortable design. Decorative profiles were used in the cornice area, while modern furniture with clean lines helped to create a balanced layout. To give the interior a luxurious touch, we selected natural materials like a custom-made travertine coffee table and open book ceramic tiling around the television for a coherent and uninterrupted design.

As with all our interior design projects, we incorporated plants to enhance the cozy home atmosphere, selecting accessories for plants, pots, and leaves with great care, since these can make a significant difference in the overall feel of the interior. To create the perfect ambiance, we made use of both technical spotlights and custom-made decorative architectural lighting fixtures made of brass and LED profiles to suit our vision.

Living Room & Kitchen
For the things in life that really matters

The Living room features an open space that integrates the kitchen and dinning area.

The Dining area accommodates a working island that is aesthetically beautiful and functional

The view from the window featuring the main space in the living room

The view from the entrance to the lounge chair and book shelf

The custom made design of the book shelf features a gas fireplace. Perfect for a quiet evening

The spatial continuity between the living room and kitchen is creating a flexible space that is suited for most of the families

The kitchen features warm materials like wood and natural stone

A balanced space to focus and work

In a world where working habits are changing, it is more important than ever to have a designated space for work in your home

A space flexible enough to be transformed in a guest room

Custom made furniture is key to create a bespoke experience

A office for every kind of modern work

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