Project Details

Radisson Blu Hotels




500 sq.m.




A collaboration between BIOMORPH and Twins Studio

The pavilion we’ve crafted is ingeniously modular, designed to seamlessly integrate without the need for intrusive foundations, thus embodying a non-invasive ethos. Functioning as an orangery, its exquisite winter garden features facades encased in dynamic harmonica glass panels, exuding both elegance and practicality. Notably, our design effortlessly incorporates a bar within the covered expanse, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic harmony.

Emphasizing structural integrity and aesthetic allure, we’ve opted for minimal furnishing at this stage, allowing the brilliance of our design to shine through. Strategic dining zones radiate from the central space, creating an inviting layout for communal gatherings and culinary delights.

The centerpiece of our creation, an intricate exploded clock, serves as both a visual marvel and a symbolic representation of our meticulously crafted structural system, complete with twelve meticulously designed dials.

In seamless harmony with the adjacent hotel architecture, our pavilion seamlessly bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, enriching the landscape with its timeless charm. Its integration into the surroundings invites serendipitous discovery, as if it were an ancient treasure waiting to be unveiled.

Balancing classical elegance with contemporary flair, our design eschews ostentation in favor of a refined aesthetic that captivates the senses and enhances the surrounding environment. Experience the perfect synergy of form and function with our bespoke pavilion.


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